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Michael Espinoza is one of the original Tango dancers of Los Angeles, choreographer and promoter on the Tango scene, dancing, performing and teaching Argentine Tango since 1986 in the great "City of Angels."

Originally as a Ballroom dancer, Michael trained with Ken and Sheila Sloan and Jill Morton Erwin. After performing and winning awards in Ballroom dance competitions, he followed his passion for Argentine Tango, training with the grand Argentine Masters, Orlando Paiva and Carlos Gavito.

Michael was an integral part of the "Orlando Paiva Era" in Los Angeles (1986-1988), when the new wave of interest was breathed back into the Argentine Tango dance in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Until that point Tango was practically dead the world over, including Argentina.

It will suffice to mention "Tango Splash" "Cabaret Tango" "Romancing the Tango" among the multiple performances he has participated in over the years.

As a promoter, Michael Espinoza has been hosting internationally acclaimed Tango dancers at his Bailongos (milongas) in Los Angeles on Friday nights, every 1st Saturday of the month, and on special yearly occasions such as Halloween ("Tangoween"), Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Michael has his own smooth, elegant and distinctive style of teaching the unique, romantic "language of Tango," emphasizing technique where men learn to lead and women learn to follow.

Michael delights in sharing the wisdom, knowledge and intuition he has gained while training with masters of dance for over 32 years.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience and enjoy the elegance and grace of Argentine Tango with Michael Espinoza at the premier milonga studio in Los Angeles!

1941 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

1 block South of Santa Monica Blvd.
on the West side where The Orchid Bakery parking is.

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